Join us

Joining the Bebras initiative for a country consists mainly in two parts: organising the national challenge in the country and participating to the International Task Workshop.
The first step to join the Bebras initiative is to get in touch with the international committee and ask to participate to the International Task Workshop.  It will allow you to get access to the SVN repository with the tasks from previous years, to get in touch with representatives from other countries, and to feel more comfortable with the tasks.
The next step is to organise the challenge in your own country. Either you can first organise a trial challenge, with only some schools or you can directly start with an official national challenge. To do so, you have to choose a set of tasks to build a set of questions for the challenge, without forgetting to take the mandatory tasks. If you live in a non-english-speaking country, do not hesitate to contact other already participating countries that speak the same language as yours, to ease the translation process.
There are several ways to organise concretely the challenge in your country. Either you can do a pen-and-paper only challenge or you can use any online Challenge Management System. Your first participation to the Task Workshop is the good opportunity to grasp information about how the challenge are running in other participating countries.
Finally, once you ran your first national challenge, do not forget to get and send statistics to the international committee. You are also encouraged to present a short report at the next Workshop.