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Link to Bebras Lodge


Interactive tasks are a great addition to the multiple-choice Bebras tasks. They trigger the participants and allows the Bebras challenge to approach the informatics and computational thinking subjects in different ways. Since not all countries have the resources to develop the interactive tasks from scratch using Javascript, a tool, named Bebras Lodge, were developed. A goal is to make the process of creating high quality, interactive tasks easier and quicker for everyone.


The Bebras Lodge is an online graphical user tool that can support countries in creating and developing interactive tasks. It contains a repository of interactive tasks that are already developed and tested or used. There is possibility to develop several types of interactive tasks. For various types of interactive tasks, the best examples are presented. These tasks can be used as templates to create new interactive tasks, for example by changing some of the components or parameters. Also there is a directory of coding examples that might enable programmers to easily develop more difficult tasks in a shorter time.


Less experienced programmers can use the Bebras Lodge as a visual task construction tool. That enables a user to drag and drop components into a new task and see the result of the code. Input fields and image browsers enable users to add or change everything they need for developing simple interactive tasks. For developing more difficult tasks, the repository of already existed tasks can be used.


All Bebras member countries are welcome to create interactive tasks by using the Bebras Lodge. It is easy to export tasks created in the Bebras and implement them in a large number of Contest Management Systems.


Examples of a tasks generated in the Bebras Lodge can be found here: E1, E2, E3.


If you want to create interactive tasks by using the Bebras Lodge, please e-mail