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Contest management systems

To manage and run the Bebras challenge, several technical issues have to be considered if the challenge is to be run on machines.

  1. First of all, the national organisers have to select tasks for the national challenge. For each task, they have to produce all the related necessary data such as statements, solutions and additional information including how to grade submissions.
  2. If the challenge is to be run on-site, the machines have to be configured and tested. There is the machine on which the grading system will be run, and the machines of the contestants.
  3. Finally, the actual challenge has to be organised, that is maintaining the list of registered schools, teachers and contestants, grading contestants, establishing the ranking, computing statistics, etc.

There exist several Contest Management Systems (CMS), and many countries are developing their own systems that are meant to be shared with others. The choice is completely left to countries.


Australia system

Azerbaijan system

Belarus system

Belgium system

Bulgaria system

Canada system

Estonia system

France system

Finland system

Italy system

Lithuania system

Malaysia system

The Netherland system

Russia system

Slovenia system

Taiwan system

Thailand system

Turkey system