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Bebras Task Workshops


The Bebras International Task Workshops, where experts from all Bebras countries meet to discuss and prepare tasks, is crucial to the success of the Bebras initiative. Each country provides a set of task proposals, and the whole pool of proposals is then discussed at the workshop.


The main goal of the Bebras Task Workshops is to bring together informatics experts from all Bebras countries for discussion and preparation of the tasks. Two delegates from each Bebras contest country are asked to participate in Bebras task workshop. If countries would like to bring more delegates they should negotiate with the organisers of the workshop.


Each participating country is asked to provide a set of task proposals at least one month before the workshop. The whole pool of proposals is discussed during the workshop. Due to big amount of proposed tasks, participants of the workshop are working in groups with different task selections.


Well-prepared and attractive tasks which are important for Informatics can be selected as mandatory tasks. Each group in the workshop should propose a number of candidate mandatory tasks. Mandatory tasks are confirmed by voting at the end of workshop.


The national contest organisers make up their national task set from this pool. A subset of the task pool is determined to be mandatory and used in all national Bebras contests.


Usually a day or half-day symposium for local teachers and researchers is part of the workshops. Beside the main aim - developing the Bebras task pool, specific goals can be raised in particular workshop. For example, in 2012, one of the goals was to develop new quality standards for Bebras task proposals (with revised Informatics concepts for high education) and to elaborate strategy on new kinds of interactive tasks.

Photo booklet of Bebras workshops (2004-2021)