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Russia and Belarus suspended from the IBC

The Bebras Community is deeply concerned by the situation in Ukraine, strongly condemns the actions by Russia, and fully supports the resolution of the United Nations that demands the Russian Federation to immediately end the illegal use of force in Ukraine and withdraw all troops.

The International Bebras Community has decided, by more than two-thirds of the votes, as required by the Bebras Statutes, to approve the following motion:

1. Russia and Belarus, which actually supports Russia, should be immediately suspended as members of the International Bebras Community. The membership may be restored in the event of a peace agreement.
2. For this purpose:
2.1. The teams from Russia and Belarus cannot attend (on-line or personally) the Beaver workshops,
2.2. The teams from Russia and Belarus cannot participate in preparation and working on tasks for the Bebras Community,
2.3. The repository of tasks prepared at the workshops in 2022 and later cannot be used in Russia and Belarus in any Bebras-like competition.
2.4. The two countries are not allowed to use the name and logo of the International Bebras Competition in any Bebras-like competition in 2022 and later.
2.5. The two countries will not be listed in the statistics of Bebras in 2022 and later.
2.6. The decision of the IBC is published on the website.